Christmas Trains


It was Christmas 1952 and my dad knew that every boy should have a train. He still tells me about setting it up on Christmas Eve and my excitement when I came down the stairs and saw it going 'round and 'round. It still goes 'round and 'round today!! The Lionel 671 RR was not part of a set. It came with a tender, milk car, cattle car, operating dump car and lumber car and caboose.  I don't think he trusted me to run it by myself, so my sister Betty was there to make sure I didn't run it off the tracks. I finally got to control the trains myself though

Trains have pretty much always been a part of my life, with the exception of the time off I took to woo and win my wife Mary Ann! She loves trains and our twice yearly trips to York have come to mean so much to both of us. The Good Lord gave me three beautiful daughters who are all the apple of their daddy's eye, and we had fun while they were younger. Now they are all grown up and I have been blessed with a granddaughter who can't wait to run trains with grandpa when she comes over.